Bookshelf Spotlight #6 - Mothership by Martin Leicht, Isla Neal

A long time ago I had started doing these posts to shine a spotlight on the books that are on my blog. Then I stopped doing them because I took a break and then just forgot. But now I want to do them again. Mostly because I got a couple of books that I want to talk about.

I bought this book in my bookoutlet haul last month. The reason why I bought it was because at the time there was that whole 50 books sale was going on and this book was on there. I checked it out, it sounded so cool. Space themed story where the main character is pregnant sounds like its going to be all over the place in a good way.
I ended up getting the cover with the girl but I kinda like it. I'm not like how some people don't like book covers to have models on them. I mean I get it but this one is cool. It's colorful, on theme and the model on the cover is close to what the book leads you to think the main character is like.


Mothership by Martin Leicht, Isla Neal

Elvie Nara was doing just fine in the year 2074. She had a great best friend, a dad she adored, and bright future working on the Ares Project on Mars. But then she had to get involved with sweet, gorgeous, dumb-as-a-brick Cole—and now she’s pregnant.

Getting shipped off to the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers was not how Elvie imagined spending her junior year, but she can go with the flow. That is, until a team of hot commandos hijacks the ship—and one of them turns out to be Cole. She hasn’t seen him since she told him she’s pregnant, and now he’s bursting into her new home to tell her that her teachers are aliens and want to use her unborn baby to repopulate their species? Nice try, buddy. You could have just called.

So fine, finding a way off this ship is priority number one, but first Elvie has to figure out how Cole ended up as a commando, work together with her arch-nemesis, and figure out if she even wants to be a mother—assuming they get back to Earth in one piece.

Published by: November 12th, 2013 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Paperback, 308 pages

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