Hello! My name is Angie and I'm the one who writes for the book blog The Bookish Island. I am now 22 years old and I graduated for an associate degree for Computer Sciences. Although I'm thinking of going for the bachelors degree.

I started reading in college trying to find something that could give me peace and make my stress go away for a while. It was getting pretty bad. And to my surprise it worked and helped me out a lot. It's been a year or maybe more since I made that decision (round the end of 2014). And I'm glad I did it. I've read a total of 80 books and own over more than 90 books. I'm definitely a slow reader, but I will keep at it till I finish it.

I wasn't really reading before that, except when I  was very young and I  had one Lion King book but that's it. It was never my thing, reading or books but that's mostly because I  had slight dyslexia. And I found it very difficult to read and concentrate for long periods of time. Plus, the fact that there weren't any book stores where I live (still aren't) and the only library in town wasn't that approachable or had any good books. I'm still a bit dyslexic, but not as much. Now I  read and enjoy it very much.

This blog is sort of a journey into the world of books and reading from my perspective.


Hope you enjoy my blog!
Happy Reading!!


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